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9 Fascinating Facts About Termites

 9 Fascinating Facts About Termites 

Termites are a persistent problem to homeowners in the US. These small insects work together in overwhelming numbers and can cause irreparable damage to all the wooden structures. Right now, in this freezing winter weather, termites may not be visible, but that is because these sneaky pests go deeper into their hideouts. Once the weather starts warming up, termites will be back about their business. If not detected and eliminated, they can inflict a lot of structural damage to homes, including walls, floors, wooden pillars, and other areas. This is why regular termite inspection is essential to maintain the integrity of your home.

Many homeowners in the US may still not be fully aware of how abundant and threatening termites are and how much damage an infestation could do to their homes and finance. In this post, we have listed nine astonishing facts on termites, which will make you realize the significance of termite inspection to effectively handle the imminent threat of termite invasions. Here we go.

1) The total number of termite species on the planet Earth is more than 2,500!

It is true. That many termite species are lurking or hiding across this earth, silently destroying homes, wooden interiors, walls, and the flooring worth millions of dollars. The most well-known types of termite species are subterranean, damp wood, dry wood, and Formosan termites.

2) Subterranean termites are the most common termite species in the US.

Subterranean termites’ infestations are across the US, swarming and building colonies. These termites often cause severe damage to the foundations of residential and official buildings, leading to substantial costs of repair. 

It is not easy to detect subterranean termites unless you get a termite inspection done in your home or office. In most cases, you will hardly know that there is an infestation in your property. Professional termite experts can easily identify the signs of termites and suggest the right type of termite treatment. 

3) “The Last Frontier,” Alaska is the only state without any termites.

True to its name (“The Last Frontier”), Alaska on the West Coast of the US has no termites and it is the only state with such an exception. It means, if you live in any state other than Alaska, you cannot let your guard down against termites. 

The chances of termite infestation in other states are high because of the warmer weather compared to the cold temperature in Alaska. Particularly, in April and May, termite swarming is more frequent. To protect your home and to prevent these tiny insects from doing any damage, schedule a termite inspection right away. If you have noticed signs of termites, probably an infestation has already started in your property and you should not delay inspection any further.

4) Nearly 183 termite species are invasive and can cause serious damages to homes and other assets.

If you notice signs of termites in your home, call an expert as soon as possible. Almost 183 existing termite species are invasive by nature and they can eat away the wooden structures of your home, including its foundation from inside out. Although there are many harmless termite species, it is nearly impossible for most people to figure that out. That is why it is better to call professionals and take preventive measures.

5) The amount of wood that termites consume is in the range of 2% to 3% of their body weight every day.

Termites mainly eat damp or moist wooden stuff because wood contains cellulose which works as a nutrient for them. Termites have microorganisms in their stomach that break down cellulose for digestion. 

6) Termites damage nearly 600,000 homes in the US every year. 

Yes, that many homes are at the receiving end of termite invasion throughout the US every year. Here, we need to keep in mind that these are the damages that are reported. It does not cover the number of unreported termite issues, which means thousands of more homes may have dealt with these pests.
If you live in a state like California with a history of frequent termite infestation, getting a termite inspection done regularly will ensure that these insects do not destroy your home. 

7) People in the US spend almost $5 billion every year repairing termite damage.

Nearly $5 billion in a year! That is an astonishing amount for repairing damages caused by termites. To be precise, a homeowner in the US spends$3,000 on average to repair the damage. It could even be much more than the average. 

In most cases, such large expenses can significantly affect a homeowner’s financial situation. Even worse, termite damage is not included in the home insurance and this expense comes out of the homeowner’s pocket. A little more awareness and a regular termite inspection can prevent infestations and save a lot of money. 

8) Statistics by the USDA show that termites destroy crops and assets worth nearly $30 billion.

This data by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reveals that other than homes and offices, termites also destroy a large volume of crops, which results in huge losses for farmers and other business owners. 

9) On average, a termite colony takes three years to damage a home significantly.

When termites infest a home, they build their colony in damp or moist areas that are close to their food sources. Usually, these insects build their nest in the attic, garage, crawl spaces, or nearby pipelines. Termites take about three years to inflict substantial damage on a property. The magnitude of the damage depends on the size of the colony. Typically, a termite colony takes over five years to fully grow and destroy the wooden assets of a home.

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All these facts re-emphasize the importance of early detection of termite infestation. With the help of a professional termite inspection, it is possible to spot termite invasion. If the inspection finds that the colony has been there for a long period, you should immediately take termite control measures to prevent further damage. 

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