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Can You Insure Your Home Against Termites?

A home is the center of family life and you want to protect it against all risks. Homeowners insurance provides for monetary compensation for many of the risks and dangers, which could damage or destroy a house. However, this type of insurance is designed to provide coverage against damage or loss caused by sudden and accidental occurrences, over which the policyholder has no control.

Insurance against termites is an entirely different proposition. They can indeed cause massive damage to a home but an infestation is not a sudden event. The evidence of termites in the house through signs of the damage they cause appears a long time after they invade your home. Therefore, a home cannot be insured against termites.

Image Courtesy: Pexels
Protection is available

According to the National Pest Management Association, the damage that termites cause in this country alone touches $5 billion a year. These insects consume happily wood and other cellulose materials wherever they are. They do not spare flooring, walls, support beams, cabinets and furniture either.

While an insurance policy against termite infestation and damage may not be available, there is a way to protect your home from these pests. That is by having the house treated  expertly against termites to prevent their revisit.

Termite prevention

Despite what magazine articles and websites say, DIY termite control methods rarely work. The amateurish    termite removal attempt may be incomplete, and the homeowner may mistakenly believe the pests are gone forever, while they continue to do massive amounts of invisible damage.

Another factor to consider is that there is no one-size-fits-all method of termite control. Different types of termites, different environmental considerations, issues specific to a particular home like non-viability of tenting, the presence of pets and delicate plants etc., do call for specialized termite control options. These actions and methods are unknown to an average homeowner.

The only reliable way to ensure full protection is to leave the job to a professional termite control company: they have the expertise to get rid of any existing termites, and then go on to prevent their return.

Expert protection

A professional termite control company assures you of the following:
  • A variety of technology options from amongst which the most effective termite control method can be used to match a specific situation
  • Access to professional grade equipment and materials which are not available to homeowners, and which are the most effective in getting rid of even the most persistent insects
  • The expertise and experience to ensure complete termite removal
  • A warranty on its service to keep your home protected from a return of the termites in the future
Therefore, an insurance company may not be able to offer you coverage against termites, but a professional termite control company will be able to protect your home by getting rid of any existing termites. They give you, in addition, a warranty on their service to keep your home safe for years to come.