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How to Build a Termite Free House

There comes a time in life when you want to settle down. You look forward to building that cute house with the white picket fence. After looking at a number of locations, you finally find that amazing property with a great view. You hire a renowned architect to build the house of your dreams. You finalize the floor plans and are now working on the interiors. Is there anything that you’ve forgotten? Something that is very small yet destructive enough to cause a whole lot of damage to your beautiful new home? Yes, we are talking about termites!

People spend a whole lot of money on security to protect their homes, but not everyone takes into account that little critter which can damage your home quietly from the inside. One of the best ways to protect your future home from a termite infestation is through prior planning.

Pretreatment of Soil

Pre-treating forms a chemical barrier in the soil that the foundation of the house will sit on. This will help keep out subterranean termites, which are the termites that come up from inside the soil and feed on wooden foundations.

Soil treatment can be done on existing houses too. But one of the main reasons for doing a soil treatment before your house comes up is because the ground is free of any obstructing structure and therefore it is easier to do the treatment. If there is a foundation or structure to work around when applying the chemical, it becomes far more expensive.

Another reason to do the soil treatment before the building comes up is that the entire area under the house can be covered, making your foundation more secure.

Treating Your Wood

Most houses have some form of wood incorporated into their structure. It could be in the foundation, it could be as planking or it could be as beams or eaves. In rainy climes, there is a fair chance that the wood could attract termites. They eat through the wood and move from one piece to another. Soon, they could eat their way into the house. The best way to avoid this is by using pre-treated wood in your structures.

How Is Wood Treated for Termites?

Pre-treated wood is called pressure-treated lumber. The wood is infused with a chemical preservative that has been forced into the pores under pressure. This forms a barrier that is resistant to termites.

Now that you have made sure that the soil on which your house stands on has been protected against termites and the wood that you have used is pre-treated, you can rest easy knowing that you have created a fundamentally sound home for generations. 
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