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Termite Attacks – Reasons and Prevention

Even wood and fire are not as big a worry for homeowners in comparison to termites. This statement in itself is enough for anyone to realize the capacity of these insects to inflict havoc in a house. They may eat away the wood inside the house until they are blocked prematurely. It is best to keep these insects away.

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Surprisingly, a lot of termite infestations are caused by the careless actions of the house owners. Because of this, it is extremely important to counter things that may incite termites to attack your building, and ensure that these insects are kept at bay at all times.


Plants growing uncontrollably at the sides of your building are one of the most common reasons for termite attacks. This is why you must always keep flora away from your building. In case you want to keep plants, make sure no part of them is in touch with your house.


Wood is another very common reason that leads to termite infestation. Wood is known to be most popular and well liked by termites. If you wish to construct a deck or a shed in the backyard using wood, make sure you utilize wood that is the least attractive for these insects. Juniper and Cedar are some of the wood types that do not attract termites. It is best to use such varieties although they are a bit expensive when compared to other wood options available.

All the above mentioned reasons for  termite attacks has a lot to do with wood availability as these tempt the insects to attack the house. Dampness in other items that are just as attractive to the termites may also cause infestation. Observe for any kind of moisture from within or outside the house and make sure you take care of the issue. In case it is rain water falling over the roof, then make sure you install gutters for accumulating the water and then redirecting it to a place away from the house. Leakage inside the pipe lines can also be a cause for moisture inside the house. Search for any other such water source within the yard and get it fixed immediately.

Also, for over five decades, gas fumigation has been one of the most effective methods to eliminate dry wood termites. This technique is used by almost all termite fumigators. The gas acts quickly and does not leave any kind of residue. However, it can be an extremely risky and toxic substance, consequentially and must be used carefully. Proper preparation for fumigation will make sure that you, your loved ones and also all your priced possessions and belongings remain safe and protected. The process of fumigation normally takes some time, so you will have to leave the house and stay someplace else during the whole process. It is also important to choose a termite control service that has the expertise and equipment to eliminate the infestation from your building.  

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