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What is Microwave Termite Removal?

It is common to see houses tented for treatment of termites and other pests. You do not certainly want termites to damage your home along with the wooden items there. Fumigation is a tried out and established way of getting rid of termites and is very effective.

However, there are situations where fumigation is not a viable option; it requires the home to be empty for two or three days or more. For some families this may not be possible. There could be sick or elderly people who just cannot leave the home, pets who cannot be removed to a motel with the rest of the family, items in the home that could be damaged by the fumigation chemicals and so on.

In such cases, a highly effective alternative is getting rid of termites through microwave.

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How does it work?

Microwave termite removal has been around for almost 25 years and has steadily grown in popularity during this time. Besides the problems with fumigation mentioned above, people today are increasingly aware of and becoming very sensitive to the issues involved with the use of toxic chemicals. They are fully convinced of the need to avoid them wherever it is possible.

A special device is used to focus microwaves on a specific area of the home that has been infested with termites. When the microwave reaches the termites, it heats them up in the same way a cup of coffee is heated in a microwave oven.  In other words, it kills the termites by cooking them.

The technology ensures that the termites are heated to a temperature that will surely kill them, but the heat generated will not cause any damage to the areas where the termites continued to survive. This is normally in the range of 130 degrees Fahrenheit. In most cases, a microwave exposure of five plus minutes is enough to ensure the extermination of all these pests.

Is it right for your home?

There may be many personal reasons why you do not want your home to be fumigated. Maybe there are other reasons why fumigation is not such a great idea and maybe you are not aware of them. Only a termite control specialist will be able to identify what exactly your needs are, in the context of potential issues. You as the homeowner may be at a loss to decide on the appropriate termite control method to save your home, the belongings and your family.

Contact a reputed professional termite control company to have a prompt termite inspection of your home done. If termite activity is found, the company will be able to suggest the best method of getting rid of those pests. Whatever method they suggest is for saving your home and all the household items.

More importantly, your family will be protected against any potential harm caused by termites. A three-year warranty on the service they provide will ensure that your home stays safe for quite some time.

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