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Why DIY Termite Control Is Not a Good Idea

The first signs of termite infestation are often the cause of panic and a desire to act fast to get rid of them. Using termite sprays and chemicals may give you the feeling that you have done what is required to protect your home and possessions. But while a DIY effort may give you a feeling of satisfaction, and the thought that you have saved money by doing the work on your own, the reality may be very different. DIY termite control can often remove only the obvious signs of termites while allowing them to continue to do damage unseen. And that damage could result in very expensive repair or replacement costs.

DIY Is a Risk

You have only one home and your family’s future depends on it, being protected. Using a professional termite control service means that your home is completely protected from termites and you and your family can live is peace, knowing that no mistakes have been made, all actions to eradicate the pests have been done the right way and that nothing has been forgotten or left out.Here is why a pest control professional is your best choice:

  • Special equipment is required to ensure that the treatment is done properly. This is not available to non-professionals as special training is required to use them.
  • Special chemicals and insecticides that ensure maximum termite eradication are not available to the general public because they can be hazardous to health and need to be carefully controlled. Only licensed professionals can use them.
  • Not all pesticides are the same. What could be effective in dealing with one type of termite may not work with others.
  • Experts know exactly where to look for termite infestations. These are places where the homeowner may not look and even if he does, may not spot any problems.
  • The technology of termite control is evolving and newer more effective methods are constantly being developed and only professionals in the field have access to these. For instance, non-fumigation termite control is now possible. This uses low toxicity non-staining chemicals which are injected into affected areas to destroy the termites. With this process, there is no need to move out of the home, for days, while standard fumigation is being done.
  • The best pest control services offer a warranty for their services.

Play It Safe

DIY termite control will leave you wondering if you have done enough and if your home is now safe. There is also worry about how long your efforts will remain effective. With professional termite control, you can rest easy, knowing that the best equipment and material have been used to ensure the best result.There is also the warranty to give you the peace of mind you need, knowing you don’t have to pay for the services all over again, if in case there’s a problem. Remember, while DIY may appear to be the cheapest option, the destruction of the termites may not be complete, leaving them to grow their nests again and do extensive damage while you relax, thinking that the problem is over. And accidents during the DIY work could be hazardous to health.