Monday, 24 September 2018

Is there a Termite Season?

One of the most common questions asked by homeowners about termites is whether there is a specific season for termite infestations. In other words, is there a time when they have to be particularly careful about termite eradication? The simple answer is ‘no’.
Having said that, subterranean termites often appear to swarm when the weather is warm, especially after it has rained. A swarm is a group of termites who break away from an existing colony to form another of their own in a different location. This happens when a colony has reached a stage of maturity that allows it to survive and grow, even after some part of it breaks away. Typically, this occurs when the colony is three or more years old.

Rapid expansion of new termite colonies

A new colony begins relatively small, but given the rate at which termites multiply, a small new colony can grow huge very fast. Each colony has a Queen and she could lay up to a million eggs in her lifetime. There may also be other female termites in the colony that are fertile; they too can lay eggs, increasing thus the already rapid rate of growth and expansion.

Hard detection

Termites are notoriously hard to detect. In the early stages of formation of a new colony, only a trained expert will be able to determine if they are present in a building. If regular professional termite inspections are not carried out, the presence of the termites may not be noticed until a large amount of damage has occurred. The damage may not be limited to wooden furniture only in the house.

Nature of damage

Termites love consuming the cellulose in the building, and the further damage they do while moving through minute cracks in the cement may ruin the main structure itself. If you have suffered from termite infestation in the past, you know the kind of havoc these pests can cause and the consequent hassle and cost of the repairs. If you have no such experience, there is a huge body of information available online about the risks of infestation, the kinds of damage caused and the costs of repairs.


In addition, you will find on the internet a lot of information on DIY termite removal methods. Unfortunately, much of the online DIY information is a mixture of a lot of junk and some kernels of genuine reliable information.

It is dangerous to try out these DIY methods, as the treatment would be incomplete, which drives the termites deeper into the wood. They appear to have gone, but they continue to do further damage unseen. By the time the reality dawns upon you, the loss and damage could be huge.

Regular termite inspection and control by a professional termite control company is the right way to protect your home. The experts not only rid your home of the pests but also provide a warranty against their return. You can have peace of mind, forgetting all about termite menace and favorable weather. An annual maintenance contract will keep your home and your family safe all year round.

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