Friday, 11 July 2014

Termite control and Repair Work Testimonial

We contacted your office about having termite work done in late March, and your office staff quickly arranged to have an inspector, Ben Ortiz, come to house. The termite inspection was done thoroughly and professionally. Ben explained what he found and what needed to be done.

When we inquired about the repairs that were needed, he informed us your company also did repair work (we were happy to hear this). He suggested we call the 888 number to set up the appointments. Again your office staff was very helpful in arranging the termite control and in-house repair work for the same day.

Jose and Jose arrived on time and started right away on the in-house repairs. They also explained what damage they found, how they were planning to fixing it, and answered all other questions we had. Both Jose and Jose were fast and detailed professionals while doing the repairs.

While the in-house repairs were being made, David worked on the barrier protection. When Jose and Jose had finished the repairs, then David began the spraying. When he ran into a sprayer problem, he quickly made arrangements to go back to the office and pick up another truck. He was back “in no time at all” and finished the spraying.

Many of the outdoor repairs were completed on Thurs. Jose and Jose returned Fri to complete the repairs. We are confident that our house is termite free and all the repair work was completed in a professional manner.

We want give your company our recommendation and the efficient team members you employ. We are very satisfied customers. We will also add our recommendation on Yelp.

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