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5 Easy Ways to Prevent Termites in Home

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Termites from Spreading in Home

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Termites from Spreading in Home
No one would like to see a mound of wood dust accumulated whenever you move the sofa or at the corners of your doors and windows. There is a chance that the termites have not only infected your expensive furniture but also reached as far as the foundation of your beloved home. Thus it would be best if you do not ignore these signs considering them to be insignificant details but take some precautionary steps to stop the infestation at the beginning stage. We are sure that you will find a lot of DIY steps on the internet, but here we list some effective methods that can give you promising results.

1. Prevent Moisture

It might seem to be a vague point, but moisture attracts termites like no other factors. When you take some time to find the sources of moisture at your home and get rid of it them, it will help keep the termites at bay. This might require you to spend some time, but it is worth it. 

• Check for leaking taps, toilets, and showerheads, and get them fixed. 

• Inspection of your roofing and gutters at least twice in a year should do the trick. 

• Check your hot water systems and air conditioning tubes and ensure that the water drains properly. 

•  If you note any unusual but constant dampness in your home, inspect it immediately. 

2. Avoid Having Gardens Close to Your House

We all love a little green in our surroundings, but keeping it at a distance can save you from the worry of termites. Experts suggest at least an 18-inch gap between your house and garden as essential for termite prevention. This way, you can keep away the termites from attacking your foundation or your home. If your property is small and 18-inch distance is impossible, then you can try to create a barrier between your home and garden using stones or cement pavements. 

3. Avoid Hoarding Unused Timbers or Wood

We are all guilty of having a hoarding problem, but termites get a great advantage out of it. If you store unused firewood or furniture, then it will not be long before you encounter a swarm of termites beelining to the spot. If you can dispose of the unused timbers, do it immediately, but if you have to store them for future use, then store them away from the wall edges and constantly inspect the space for any mud tracks. 

4. Termite Protection

Start with small protection measures like painting or priming your furniture, wooden windows, and doors with termite repellents. Borate and other repellents soak into the wood and prevent the termites from ingesting it. After this, you can try out the full structure protection measures like liquid treatments or fumigation techniques. 

5. Get Regular Inspection

This is the most important step since termites are deceptive creatures and can silently eat away your home. Scary right? Thus make sure that you get a professional to do the termite inspection in regular intervals. Annual inspections are good, but it can benefit you to do it frequently like on a quarterly basis, especially if you live in an area that is more prone to infestation. This way you can find the infestation at the start and eliminate it with proper measures. 

Time for Inspection? 

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