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When to Choose Professional Termite Treatment Over DIYs?

When to Choose Professional Termite Treatment Over DIYs?

Professional Termite Treatment vs DIY Treatments
Owning a house isn’t always sunshine and rainbows since there are many technical difficulties that the house owners face regularly. Most times, it would be the usual ones like the mortgage and the insurance, but sometimes unexpected problems like termite infection turn up. Each year the termites inflict damage on more than 5 billion dollars worth of property.

Professional Termite Treatment vs DIY Treatments

When encountered with the termite infestation for the first time, most would be tempted to go with the cheap Do It Yourself (DIY) remedies found on the internet rather than contacting the professionals. Most of these DIYs are messy and would not ensure 100% effectiveness. They might work for the infestations in the early stage but not for the serious ones. Here, we give you some tips on finding whether the termite infestation in your home requires you to get professional help.

  • A good defense is the best way to save your house from termites. Thus, it is best to go for termite treatments even before you find termites on your property.
  • Termite baits are a good choice, but if you are in an area that is more prone to termite infestation, you should get an annual inspection by a professional. This way you can identify the problem at the early stage and treat them easily.
  • The termite infestation will show external signs, but they are hard to spot for the untrained eye even if the infestation is present for quite some time. You will need to carefully observe some details to find whether the termites are slowly eating away your house.

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Indications of Serious Termite Infestation

Swarming: When the termites move from one colony to another, they swarm in dense groups giving the look of a group of flying ants. This is the first sign of termite infestation and usually found outdoors near wooden materials like fences. But when you spot swarming termites indoors, it is time to call a professional.

Disposed Wings: Swarming termites shed their wings after they successfully mate and form new colonies. Thus, finding discarded wings in your home indicates that you should contact a professional for the active termite inspection.

Mud Tubes: The termite mud tubes look like small tunnels and will be located around the termite nests. Do not remove the mud tubes yourself when you spot one in your home since the termites can easily move on to another area. This new place can be hard to locate even after you call a professional. Leave the mud tubes as they are and contact the professionals for immediate termite treatment.

Wood Damage: The termites tend to tunnel through the wooden things, and thus when your doors and windows feel or sound hollow call for a termite inspection.

HiTech Termite Control

In HiTech Termite Control, we use the most advanced technologies available in termite control. We also provide you with a three-year full structure warranty with selected treatments; this covers the future infestation within this period. For more details, call us at (888) 322-8889.