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Benefits of Fumigation Termite Control

Termite problems may crop up in many forms. They can be as visible as ants in your kitchen or living room; or something subtle, like wood termites eating away your furniture.

If you live in California, you are already aware of termite infestation in the state throughout the year. Various kinds of termites are active across California, starting from San Jose, San Francisco, down to Pleasanton, Freemont, and Sunnyvale to San Mateo.

What are the common types of termites in California?

In California, both drywood and subterranean termites are predominant and cause damages to homes. Even dampwood termites are common in the state. However, these termites are less likely to damage structures compared to drywood and subterranean termites.

Termites are an annoying issue as they can destroy property, cause illness, and can ruin your peaceful life. They can pose threat to homes, businesses, and communities. To combat the termite issue, fumigation termite control is the ideal solution.

What is Fumigation Termite Control?

The fumigation termite control has proved to be quite effective in eliminating the termite issue from its root. This latest technique can quickly kill termites that are even out of reach. Most leading termite control organizations have great results applying this technique by eliminating termites that hide inside the homes.

The fumigation process fills the entire targeted area with gases to suffocate the termites and forces them to leave their hideouts. It is possible to apply fumigation anywhere, including homes, commercial properties such as hospitals, offices, schools, restaurants, and shopping malls, to uproot the hidden termite infestation.

Fumigation termite control works faster than most other methods. If you are facing severe termite problems and thinking to eliminate it, fumigation is the best way to go. Other methods, like baiting and spraying, may need several return visits to control the termites. However, fumigation can destroy all the termites overnight.

Benefits of Fumigation Termite Control

Fumigation termite control is quite an effective method to kill termites. Mainly, when qualified experts carry out the application, the results will be great. It is an excellent method for both residential and industrial buildings that are struggling with termite problems.

  • The fumigation method can effectively reach to the termites that remain hidden. This method kills termites right away by using non-toxic gases.
  • Fumigation can also help to kill insects that destroy crops and affect agriculture.
  • The fumigation process effectively destroys termites, rodents, cockroaches, gnats, and bed bugs.
  • This method is environment-friendly and only aims to suffocate termites that live inside homes without owners’ knowledge.
  • Fumigants can reach the areas where the powder, sprays, or aerosols cannot reach.
  • Before applying the fumigation process in your home, you need to protect all consumable items such as foods, beverages, and medicines by putting them in special bags or temporarily removing them. Check with your termite control experts to find out which method is suitable for your property.

Get Fumigation Service Today!

If you are struggling to deal with termites and wish to know how fumigation is the best solution to this issue, reach out to us. Our experts will be glad to help you to eliminate the termite problem.

Our trained professionals can flawlessly perform the fumigation process safely and effectively. At HiTech Termite Control, we offer a three-year full structure warranty along with tent fumigation or microwave system. This procedure covers all the termite species and wood-boring beetles.

To get more information on our fumigation termite control services, give us a call today at (888) 322-8889. You can also get a free estimate by filling out this online form.



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