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The Cost of Repairing Termite Damage

Paying off a home loan can take 20 or more years. Finding out, 10 years into a mortgage, that the biggest investment a person will make has been seriously damaged by termites is that last thing any homeowner wants. The value of the home you are still paying for can be seriously compromised. Termites are hard to detect and by the time they are noticed, the cost of repairs can be huge.
  •   Termite damage repair in the U.S. is estimated to cost upwards of $ 5 billion a year.
  •   About 600,000 homes are affected annually. 
  •   The average cost of repairing termite damage is around $3,300, but it can often go much  higher.
Repairing Structural Damage

Termites can literally eat away at the basic structure of a home. Repairing structural damage is essential and must be done quickly, to protect the integrity of the building. On an average, repairing structural termite damage can cost about $3,000 but can escalate to a much greater amount, depending on the extent of the damage.

Repairing Cosmetic Damage

No one wants to live in a rundown home with visible signs of termite damage. A home is a reflection of those who live it in and a damage done creates a negative image about its residents. Termites can cause discoloration in sheet rock, peeling paint and even buckled floors. Besides the appearance, these can result in health hazards from tripping on the uneven floors, inhaling of dust and chemicals in the paint and other complications. The average cost of cosmetic repairs on termite damage is estimated to be about $2,000 but it can easily go much higher. For example, if hardwood flooring has been damaged, the repair cost is much more than that of replacing a few tiles. 

Extermination and Control Costs

Before any termite damage repair can be done, the termite infestation will have to be controlled. The cost of this will vary depending on the extent of the damage and the type of treatment being done. Many homeowners are shocked at the repair costs they will have to bear and because of this often try DIY termite control methods. The hype around termite control products and the amount of information on how to go about it that is available online make is seem like a simple and easy way to cut costs. However, DIY termite removal is never as effective as that done by a professional termite control service and any marginal savings will be more than offset by the high risk of the termites returning. Having to repeat termite damage repair after a short time can ruin a family’s finances.

Prevention Is Best

Regular termite inspections/treatments by professionals are the most economical way to protect a home. Not only will the treatment be effective, the best companies offer a guarantee on the work they do, so the homeowner can rest easy, knowing that he is protected against future termite infestation and the subsequent repair costs. Termite treatment is like a medical checkup. Nothing may appear to be wrong, but the checkup may reveal an incipient problem that, if caught early, can be treated more easily than if the condition is discovered later.