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Does Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Owners know that homeowners insurance is an essential part of keeping their home safe. If damage or loss should occur, the policy will pay for repairing the damage or rebuilding the home. The peace of mind that comes from this knowledge is an integral part of the comfort that a home provides. However, a typical homeowner’s insurance policy will have a number of exclusions – things that are not covered under the policy. In most cases, one of these exclusions is termite damage. Check your insurance policy. Even if it does not categorically state that termite damage is not covered, it may be mentioned under the list of exclusions or elsewhere in the fine print. The reason for termites not being covered is that home owners insurance typically covers the unexpected or uncontrollable such as storm, flood, fire or earthquake damage. Insurance companies consider termite damage to be controllable and preventable so the policies do not cover this kind of damage or loss which could run into thousands of dollars.Professional termite control is the best way to keep your home safe.

Cost and Hassles

There are always bills to be paid and adding termite control to the list may seem an unnecessary expense, especially if you have not had termite problems before. Keep in mind that termites can attack a home any time. When the cost of repairing the damage they can do is taken into account, the cost of termite control pales into insignificance.

The hassle of tenting a home and finding a place to stay while to extermination is going on is another reason why people avoid getting termite control done. Modern non-fumigation termite control uses low toxicity chemicals that complete the job in one day, so you can return home for dinner. A technique that uses microwaves and not chemicals to kill off termites is also available.

Protecting Your Home

Your home is the center of your life and where your family’s future is built. Termites could enter it at any time. Often the damage they cause is very severe even before it is noticed. Even if you do check the house once in a while for signs of termite infestation, it takes a trained professional to spot the signs early and take action before any major damage is done. True, there are all kinds of material available online about DIY termite control. What needs to be remembered is that these procedures are meant for the layman who does not have access to the expertise, experience, materials and equipment that professional termite control companies do. You may be lucky enough to spot termites and use some homemade solutions to try and get rid of them. The operative words here are “homemade” and “try”. Do you want to place your home in the hands of termite control actions that may, only may, work? Or would it be better to invest a small amount in professional termite inspection and control? That is the kind of termite insurance your home needs and deserves. Contact a professional termite control company and keep your home and possessions safe. It is the best form of termite insurance there is.