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Signs of a Termite Infestation

Telltale Signs of a Termite Infestation

Many homeowners are unable to detect an early termite infestation on time. However, by keeping close attention to the obvious signs of an active termite infestation, you can seek termite control services at the earliest time possible. Listed below are some of the signs of an existing termite attack.

Swarms of Winged Insects or Left-over Wings

This is generally one of the first signs of an existing or an impending infestation. It’s common for these “swarmers” or winged reproductive termites to gather in areas with indoor lighting. Also, as these winged termites normally travel to establish new colonies, they can be seen outdoors in swarms. During springtime, swarms of subterranean termites are more common. As these swarmers gather, some of their wings fall off and leave their traces on the ground and other surfaces.

Mud Tunnels

Subterranean termites, which normally dwell under the ground, create mud tunnels in order to scour for food and search for water. These tunnels are mainly visible on exterior surfaces such as outside walls, foundations, and other structural materials. Termites use these mud tubes in order to retain moisture during their forays for food and water. These tunnels also serve as an easy way for them to travel if they cannot bore into a tough structure such as concrete walls and foundations.

Wood Damage

If the wood has visible damage or if it sounds hollow when tapped, this is a strong indication of an active termite invasion. Another indicator is cracked paint on wood surfaces. Paint becomes split and splintered as termites gain access into the wood. However, some termite attacks may not be visible on the outside. If the wood appears fine on the exterior but emits a thudding sound when tapped by a solid tool such as a hammer, it’s important to subject the home to a complete termite inspection.


Dry wood termite droppings are called frass. These droppings take the form of six-sided pellets which resemble the color of the dry or decayed wood consumed by the termites. Also, subterranean termites use their feces as material in the creation of mud tunnels.

According to statistics released by the National Pest Management Association, more than $5 billion in structural damages are brought about by termites in the United States year after year. Termite infestations are definitely no easy matter. Make sure you obtain expert solutions from a trusted termite control company, especially with the presence of any of these tell-tale termite infestation signs.