Saturday, 23 March 2019

Termites Can Wreck Your Entire Home

Just because there are no visible signs of termites in your home, you cannot afford to presume that you are safe. A trained and experienced termite control specialist can spot easily what you normally do not. It is not just being familiar with where to look for, but knowing as well what to look for. This is why DIY attempts at getting rid of termites cannot proceed beyond partial success.

Employing a repair worker to remove termites from your home may give you a false sense of security, because he may find a sign of termites that you have not seen. However, that does not mean he has found them all, or that the remedial action he takes will get rid of them once for all. The dangers of these options are that you are lulled into a false sense of security, while the termites continue to wreak havoc on your home unseen.

A case in point

The owners of a solid brick house built on a slab became concerned about the clicking noises they heard in the walls, and the flickering of some lights they observed. They thought that it was a rat/mouse problem. Their own efforts to locate and solve the problem failed. After some time, rodent experts were called in, an inspection was done, a rat nest was found and the pests were promptly removed.

That seemed to be the end of the problem. In a few days, however, the clicking noises resumed as did the flickering of light. Another inspection for rodents was done, and none was found. The problem continued to get worse until one day the homeowner noticed brown stains high on the plaster walls. It struck him at last that these could be a sign of termites, and so he called in a termite control company.

The termite experts conducted a close inspection and located hidden termite colonies in the walls. That explained the clicking noises, but the flickering of lights appeared mysterious. Being professionals, the termite control company continued their investigation: they found that the electrical sockets in the walls were full of termite mud, which was disturbing the connections and causing the flickering of lights. Immediate action was taken to clean the sockets and ensure that all the termites were removed. Damp mud in the sockets could have caused a short circuit or even a fire.

Only termite experts can keep your home safe

The longer termites remain unnoticed in your home, the greater is the damage they cause. Repairing the damage is not just a matter of cost, although it can be considerable on the high side. In extreme cases, your home might become unlivable until very expensive repairs are carried out.

There is a lot in the world that you can replace easily, but a home that has been severely damaged by termites is not one of them. Protection lies in calling in a professional termite control company that will give you a warranty on the work they do. Thus, you remain safe for a long time to come.

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