Tuesday, 22 January 2019

EPA Guidelines on Choosing a Termite Control Company

The internet provides access to a lot of advice on DIY termite and other pest control methods; but they are never as effective, reliable or safe as using a professional pest control service. There is also a considerable body of ‘expert’ advice about how to choose a pest control company. Some of this advice is simply common sense, some of it questionable and the rest downright wrong.

The best reliable guide to finding the right pest control company is that of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Its Citizen's Guide to Pest Control and Pesticide Safety is a comprehensive handbook on pest control. The section on how to choose a pest control company is clear and simple. The following aspects demand your attention to ensure that your home is well protected from termites and other pests.

1 Is the company licensed?

It is mandatory for a professional pest control company to hold a license from a state or local authority. Check to find out if the company you are in touch with is properly licensed and if the license is current and valid.

2 Is the company able to offer pest control options?

There are various types of pest control options, especially when it comes to termites. A good company not only offers these options, but also gives you all the information you need. You understand why a particular type of pest control treatment they recommend is better than another treatment. This applies to all pest control services, including those that say their services are “Green.

3 Are the company’s track record and reputation impressive?

No business will ever admit to potential customers that its services are sub-standard. Hence, you need to evaluate its pest control reputation. For that, you can check its testimonials received from genuine customers, and examine what they have said about the service they received. This will give you an indication of what you can expect. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau for any serious complaints against the company. A Diamond Certification and inclusion in Angie’s List are indications of the reliability of the company.

4 Does the company offer customer-friendly insurance and bonding cover?

A good company offers insurance cover for damage they cause your home or the environment. There should be worker’s compensation as well to protect you in case one of their employees is injured while working in your home. The employees should be bonded so that you will be compensated for any loss or damage they may cause you.

5 What kind of warranty is available?

A good professional company will offer you a warranty on its service so that you are protected against any recurrence of the problem for a defined period. Preferably, choose a company, which offers an industry-leading three-year full structure warranty.

Any termite control company is not the right one for you. The reliable one carries out the kind of work that meets EPA guidelines so that your home and family remain safe from pest infestations. Do not settle for anything but the best when choosing a termite control company.

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