Friday, 23 November 2018

Are There Termites in Your Home?

Termites are a problem in every state of the country, except Alaska. That means a large majority of the US population has to live with the fear that termites could strike their homes at will any moment; the damage could be severe, if they are not on guard.

It’s not good for you live with the constant stress and worry of a probable termite invasion. It is best to engage a reputed termite control company at the earliest to get rid of the pests completely.


Mature termite colonies send young flying termites out into the world; the latter start new nests of their own. Hundreds of these young termites that leave in a group at a time look similar to a swarm of flying ants. Flying ants too are pests, but not as destructive as termites. Mistaking one for the other is easy and common; avoid this common mistake that could lead to serious consequences.

If you notice flying insects in your home, catch one immediately and examine it. The two sets of wings of termites are of the same size and their antennae are straight and beaded. Flying ants have smaller rear wings and the antennae are jointed. Take immediate action if the invaders are termites.

Termite tubes

Termites are surprisingly delicate insects that do not have any form of defense against predators. They can survive only in a moist, protected environment. If they are not underground or inside wood, they need to build tiny tunnels of cellulose and mud in which they can move easily from one spot to another. If you notice in your house small mud colored tubes that look like tiny straws, particularly around the foundation, you can be sure that you have unwelcome visitors.

Hollow wood

Termites consume wood unseen; signs of termite activity are difficult to spot until cracks and depressions appear on the surface of wood. However, if you tap the damaged wood with a spoon or a knuckle, you can hear an unnatural hollow sound; that could indicate termite infestation.

Termite cement

Termites need a damp protected environment, once they get into cracks in cement and wood; they use cellulose and mud to make cement like material that would plug the cracks, prevent moisture loss and reduce the flow of air. If you see signs of these ‘cement’ plugs, especially near the foundation of the house, you may guess you have a termite problem.

Carry out regular safety check

A regular safety check for termite infestation is a great idea. However, it is often difficult to identify the presence of termites. Clear signs may appear only after a great deal of damage is already done, warranting thousands of dollars in repairs.

A reputed termite control company should carry out periodical inspection and undertake suitable termite treatment, if required. That will get rid of any of the pests that may be lurking around. The very best termite control companies offer a full three-year structure warranty.

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