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Termite Infestation Affects the Value of your Home

Homeowners fear termites as these pests have immense capacity for damaging a home along with the items in it. If it can be this bad for the owner, it will be worse for a potential buyer, who smells of the presence of termites in the house.

It is going to be a lifetime investment, probably with a loan to help finance the purchase. The buyer wouldn’t like to commit to a property that could suffer serious damage in the near future. That could cost huge amounts of money to fix. When you buy a home, you wouldn’t desire to face such risks.

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Termites affect the selling price

The fact is that the word ‘termite’ makes prospective buyers feel very uncomfortable; white ants for sure are a red flag to look out for. They do affect the selling price, no matter whether they have been removed from the house, or have not been seen there for a long time and any damage caused has already been repaired.

Even if the house is supremely loveable, the buyer will hesitate to make a move unless the price is too low to ignore. That is fine for the buyer, but not so good for you, the seller.

Do not try to hide truth

Trying to cover up the fact that termites were in the house and they caused damage is never a good idea. If your area is known for termite infestation, no doubt the buyer will have a termite inspection done. Even if no termite signs are visible after an expert repair work, buyer’s inspection might reveal signs of old damage. The feeling that an attempt was made to cover up the facts will sow seeds of doubt in the mind of the buyer about the value of the house.
Call in the experts

If you suspect that there may be termites in your house, call in an expert professional termite control company. They will be able to detect termite presence in no time. You can be sure they will take the required action to get rid of them. A good company with considerable reputation will offer a 3-year warranty on its services.

That will ensure the riddance of not only termites and wood boring beetles found during the inspection, but also of any new infestations that may occur during the warranty period. This kind of warranty will put a buyer’s mind at rest, and clinch the deal in your favor.

Add to this an annual maintenance warranty that can be transferred to the new owner: the buyer’s fears about termite problems in the future will fade away. Furthermore, the excellent reputation of the company of delivering the highest standards will wipe out traces of worry about recurrent expenses.

Do-It-Yourself termite control efforts may save you a few dollars. However, the results would be rather dubious. That will have again, a negative effect on the sale value of your house. It will be a big mistake you can’t afford to make.

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