Monday, 23 July 2018

Your Neighbor’s Termite Problem May be Yours Too!

That your neighbor’s home suffers termite infestation raises a red flag that your area is vulnerable to further infestation. It is not just that: maybe it forebodes immediate trouble for you. Termites are voracious eaters and never tire of looking for new sources of food; the next probable destination could be your home, which is so conveniently located next to where they are already very active.

Your neighbor’s termite problem could be yours too! That means you need to take urgent precautionary measures to protect your home against this impending disaster.

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Act fast

A termite swarm can spread to new locations very quickly unnoticed. In fact, by the time your neighbor notices termites in his home, they may already have reached yours. You could do your own inspection to look for signs of an infestation, but this is not easy. The early signs of an infestation are visible only to the trained eye of a professional termite controller.

Get your home inspected by a professional termite control company. If your home is termite free, they can carry out proper treatments to prevent an infestation in your home. If the termites have already invaded your home, the company can act fast to get rid of them.

The earlier a termite infestation is spotted and dealt with, the less is the damage done and the less would be the repairs necessitated. Here again a professional company will be able to offer specialized termite damage repair services.

Your neighbor’s DIY actions could hurt you

The problem with the literature available on DIY termite control is that getting rid of these dangerous pests is projected to be very simple. The reality is quite different.  DIY methods are rarely completely effective. This means that your neighbor could think he has gotten rid of the termites, while all he has attempted is a temporary solution; they WILL return soon enough.

The false sense of security that both you and your neighbor have had is short lived. You may not even notice the signs of the return of termites. Significant damage might have been done before you smell the danger.

Furthermore, DIY termite control methods often drive the termites away from their present location to a nearby site, which could be your home. The job done by professionals, on the other hand, ascertains that the area of infestation is contained first. They ensure next that the termites in that area are eradicated completely, leaving no chance of an escape to other properties.

If your neighbor tells you he is contemplating DIY actions to get rid of termites in his house, you should apprise him tactfully of the risks involved and of the advantages of a professional termite control service. You could also tell him that DIY termite control methods may appear to save a few dollars at first. Sooner rather than later, they would prove to be incomplete and ineffective, leading to a much greater damage control budget.

Keep your home safe

The best way to keep your home safe would be to carry out regular termite inspections, irrespective of termite presence in the neighborhood. Get in touch with a reputed professional termite control company with expertise and experience in the field.

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