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Getting Ready for Fumigation

There are new technologies that can be used to deal with termite infestation; however, fumigating the house remains the most commonly used one. Experts recommend a few preparatory steps of fumigation to eradicate termites.

A professional termite control company will take all precautions to keep you safe by following those technical steps. Nevertheless, doing your own part speeds up the process makes it easier and reduces disruption to your everyday family life. Given below is a description of what part you need to play.

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Arrange for a place to stay

You will not be able to enter your home until the fumigation process is completed. This could take a day or more depending upon the degree of infestation. The termite control company will be able to tell you how long you will have to stay away along with your family.

Arrange for alternate accommodation for this period and plan for logistical problems like commuting to work and school, finding a place to eat and so on. If you have pets, you will need to find a place to keep them with you. In addition, you will need a place to keep your indoor plants safe until the fumigation is over.

Open up the rooms

The fumigant has to reach every corner of the house. Ensure that you do not keep interior doors locked so that every room is vigorously treated. Open up all the closets, cabinets, drawers and so on. If you are using a professional termite control service, you do not have to worry about the safety of your possessions. However, you may want to carry your valuables and items that are easily misplaced.

Remove or seal up consumables

Remove food items, medicines, cosmetics etc., from the house as the fumigant can get into them. If removal is not possible, seal them up in airtight bags. The fumigation company will tell you how to do this.

Check for plants that may obstruct the tenting process

Some plants near the exterior walls may obstruct the tenting process. The termite control professionals will be able to tell you in advance if they have to be moved. If so, find places to keep or temporarily replant them.

Remember to follow special precautionary steps if any, post fumigation

A good termite control company will ensure that the house is safe after the completion of fumigation. If there are any special precautionary steps post fumigation, they will tell you. Remember to follow them meticulously so that your return home is smooth without any hiccups.

Employ a reputed company

Improper fumigation can have serious consequences.  Some pockets of termites may remain unnoticed and continue to damage your home. Their early return is yet another possibility. A reputed professional termite control company will be able to do a thorough job to ensure that there are no termite traces in the house.

The best ones will offer a warranty against the recurrence of the original problem, and protect you as well from any new infestation that may surface during the warranty period. Ask for a three-year full structure warranty to give you a sense of complete safety and peace of mind.

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