Friday, 23 March 2018

Can Termites Really Destroy a House?

Maybe you believe that termites cannot eat a whole house, because they like only wood. That is true as they will not be able to eat and damage brick, cement, metal and glass. Therefore, if you do not live in a log cabin, you are safe from the danger of losing your entire home to termites.

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Homes have wood

However, termites can devour and destroy all the wood in any building and by doing so, make it uninhabitable. Woodwork is an inevitable part of the construction of most houses. If a great deal of that wood is damaged, at least the affected part of the house may have to be gutted.

Besides the cost of the repair or rebuilding, you need to take into account related expenses. Your family will need a place to live until the house becomes habitable again – that is not going to be cheap. The longer your stay in a temporary residence, the heavier will be the rentals and other expenses.

Moreover, the family routine will be completely disrupted, the cost of which may be dearer, in terms of both money and the stress the family is placed under.

Other damages

Damage to wood is bad enough but that caused by termite droppings (fecal pellets) is worse. They begin to stink to the extent of making a home unlivable. Additionally, the droppings can discolor wallpaper and ruin the appearance of your interiors. Termites can also spread diseases.

Premature repairs

Another possible danger is premature repairs. As a homeowner, you may be lucky to spot a small sign of termite damage. You may find online a number of easy DIY ways of fixing the problem. Once that is done, you may feel relieved and go about your normal routine.

Unfortunately, in most cases, DIY termite control is not 100% effective. Therefore, termites can and do return quickly and set up a new colony unseen.  While you are off guard thinking that you have solved the problem, and continue to live a happy life, the termite colony grows and multiplies fast, eating your home right under your feet.

Suddenly one day you discover signs of the trouble that has been brewing for quite some time. Then you realize that you are facing a very bad situation, which calls for premature expensive repairs.

Professional protection: best solution

The home you own is the biggest lifetime investment you have made and that is a major factor in ensuring your family’s future. It’s not something you can take chances with. The only way to protect your home from termite damage is to seek the services of a professional termite control company.

They will inspect your home periodically to detect any signs of termite activity, long before they become visible to the naked eye. Thus, armed with their expertise, experience, the right control techniques, equipment and materials, they will ensure complete protection of your home from termite infestation and the consequent dangers.

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