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Summer is coming and so are Termites

Many things do happen every year during summer – school vacations, outdoor activities and games, gardening, trekking and a lot more, which you welcome happily. You can look forward to adding pleasant surprises too. However, summer also brings the unwanted and unnerving, which might lead to painful expenses; the chief among them is a loathsome termite infestation.

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Any time of the year is fine for termites to attack your home, but summer is when the swarms are most active. Subterranean termites are true to their name; they live and operate underground. They make colonies in damp soil and build tunnels to move around unseen.

These tunnels often lead to the foundation of a home. Once they get into the foundation, they can eat anything that contains cellulose. Remember, they can eat a lot as they are large in number – colonies can have easily 300,000 termites.

Potentially present, rarely noticed

It is not easy to find signs of subterranean termites with the naked eye. That’s because they get into the core of the sources of food, especially wood, and begin to eat from the inside outwards. So with no indication of a visible infestation, the woodwork becomes so weak from the inside that one day it collapses.

There is an old thumb rule according to which the possibility of termite infestation is strong, if a piece of wood sounds hollow, when knocked. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. The hollow sound could be due to other factors too. You need a trained ear to identify termite-caused hollowness.

Yet another major problem is the high mobility of termite colonies. Once a source of food is consumed and exhausted, they quickly move on to the next one. It could be your flooring, wooden furniture or anything else with some cellulose. In addition, if a colony becomes too big, adult termites move out and start a new colony in a new part of your home.

Contracting a professional termite control company is the only way to be dead sure of termite presence, their eradication and prevention of their return.

Importance of fast remedial measures 

When signs of termite infestation become visible, it means that enough damage has already been done, wherever you notice their trails. Furthermore, there is every possibility of colony division and expansion in some other parts of your home, where their presence is not yet visible.

It is not desirable to spend the summer worrying about your home, the damage already done and new ones being done and the inevitable cost of repair and control. Prompt remedial action is the key to enjoy a relaxed summer season. The greater the time taken for
corrective measures,  the graver would be the consequences.

It would be best to call a reputed termite-control company to inspect your home immediately. They have the professional experience and expertise necessary, the trained people needed and the materials and equipments required. They will ensure effective termite treatment and control of the recurrence of the problem.

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