Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Is a Termite-Proof House Possible?

The short answer to this question is that it is NOT. Termites antedate man and over the centuries, nothing that man could ever do has eradicated them, or protected homes from the ravages that these pests could cause. New technology has helped to make it more difficult for termites to enter buildings and cause damage.

However, honestly speaking, there is no such thing as a completely termite-proof structure. Having said that, there are however a few things you can do, to make your home more termite resistant and reduce the chances of suffering avoidable termite damage.

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Protect your landscaping from termites

Landscaping adds no doubt beauty to a home. It provides too a natural environment for breeding termite colonies, which infest your house sooner rather than later. Obviously, you do not want your home to be all-concrete, but you should be aware of what landscaping can lead to. Call in a reputed termite control company to help you find the right balance.

Fix all water leaks

Termites love a damp environment, and areas with water leaks are welcome haven for them. Get all water leaks, anywhere in the structure, fixed without delay. Water can seep from the center of a house to the exterior wall and provide an easy entry for termites. If it is necessary, do not hesitate to get a plumber to replace the faulty water line/tap.

Clear all drains

Check all drains regularly. A partially blocked drain may not overflow but retain enough water to attract termites. Ensure that all appliances are connected to drains of adequate size to handle the outflow.

Check woodwork and furniture

There is wood used everywhere in your home, often in places you do not know. The staple food for termites is the cellulose in wood, and regular inspection of all woodwork is therefore essential. Only a professional termite control company is adequately competent to do a complete inspection and deal effectively with signs of infestation.

Be wary of home improvements

Home improvement or renovation work is a regular feature in most homes. While these works may make the home better, they can also open the door for termites. Using untreated wood gives termites a new source of food. Any changes in plumbing, electrical conduits or openings in walls could create an entryway for termites.

If an experienced contractor undertakes the work, all termite control precautions will be automatically taken. If it is a DIY job, seek help from a professional for termite inspection and, if required, the necessary treatment to protect your home from termites.

Professional termite control

The best way to keep your home termite-resistant is regular inspection for termite infestation. Amateur efforts may seem to be effective on the surface level, but it is rather uncertain that all possible problems have been dealt with the right way.

It is best to rely upon the services of a qualified, experienced termite control company with a proven track record of making homes termite-resistant.

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