Monday, 25 April 2016

How to Choose a Termite Control Company?

Confused with the many options before you in choosing a termite control company? Dothey all make claims of being the best and providing “unmatched” services?Given the damage that termites can cause, even in a short period of time, you need to be sure that the company that you use, is one that has experience, skill, equipment and technology to rid you of the infestation in the most effective manner. So how do you go about choosing a termite control service?

Here are a few key factors that you need to keep in mind.

  • Check the qualifications. Find out if the company has the correct license and certification for termite control. Also enquire if it is up to date with any changes in regulations, product usage limitations and recalls (if any) and so on.
  • Find out about the company’s experience. How many years has it been in business? Are they familiar with the specific type of problem you face and how many such cases have they dealt with? Are all the staff who will work on the job fully trained in termite control and the use of the equipment?
  • A company’s reputation is a reliable guide to the quality of the work it does. Ask for testimonials from people who have had similar work done for them by the company. Contact them to confirm what you have been told has been their experience. If any customers are located nearby, ask if you can visit them to have a look at the homes that have been treated for termites.
  • Ask if the company has affiliations with pest control associations. These associations keep members informed about the latest developments in their fields of operation and also have a code of ethics that members must adhere to.
  • Does the company guarantee its work? If not, there is reason to be sceptical about the service being offered. If there is a guarantee, study it carefully to look for any unreasonable loopholes. Also check what your obligations are so you can be sure of not doing anything that could void the warranty.
  • Be wary of a company that does not communicate properly. The termite control service must be ready to give you a full picture of the nature of the infestation you face, the options for dealing with it, which option they plan to use and why, and also be happy to answer all your questions. A company that tries to brush your queries off, gives evasive answers or uses jargon to try and confuse you is one that should be avoided.

Your home is the center of your world and you cannot afford to take chances with it. DIY attempts at termite control or using the services of handymen and unlicensed local services may give the appearance of having remove the pests, but they may still be causing damage out of sight. Only a professional termite control company with the rightqualifications, experience,skills and technology can give your home the protection from termites that it needs.

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