Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Termite Control with Pre-Treatment

For the average homeowner, termite concerns are usually limited to worries about damage to woodwork in the house and to trees and plants outside. While these are genuine concerns, what is often not appreciated is that there is a type of termite that can cause damage to the very structure of the house. These are known as subterranean termites and as their name says, they live underground, at the level of the foundation of a normal home. The damage they can cause could, in the worst case, affect the integrity of the structure. These termites are common in California which is why architect and builders often include special treatment against these termites in the building plans for new structures. This is known as pre-treatment.

How Pre-Treatment Is Done

There are 3 methods that are commonly used for pre-treatment.
  1. The soil surrounding the foundation of the building is treated with special termiticide to kill any existing termites. The area is then sealed to prevent any termites from getting into the building in the future.
  2. Liquid termiticide is applied all around the foundation to pre-empt any termite infestation or nest formation.
  3. Liquid termiticide is injected directly into the foundation walls and also over and under the concrete slabs to stop termite entry.
Which One is best for Your Home?

Soil conditions, the history of termite activity in the area and other factors are taken into account when deciding on which of the pre-treatments to use. A professional termite control company will have the experience, knowledge and equipment to determine which method is the best. The actual treatment itself, whatever option is chosen, is a complex procedure and if not done correctly, may fail in its objective of protecting the home from termites. Here too, a professional termite control company will be able to ensure that the treatment is done the right way to offer effective and long lasting protection.

Why Take Chances?

If you are planning on building a home for your family, it is a once in a lifetime investment. It is extremely costly and can involve a great deal of anguish when the unexpected happens. However once the home is complete, all that is forgotten in the joy of living in a new home, designed for your family. Why take a risk with something happening in the future to destroy that happiness? Especially if it is avoidable? Termite infestation is as real a threat to your home as burglary, fire and other hazards. You install security devices and fire alarm systems to protect your family. Termite protection is just as important.

Protecting your biggest investment requires special care. When it comes to termites, use only the services of a company that is a specialist in the field. Look for one that offers a full range of service from pre-treatment to infestation eradication. Choosing one that has a variety of treatment options so the most suitable one for the specific problem can be applied effectively.

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