Friday, 28 August 2015

Billions of Termites – Billions of Dollars of Loss

Tornados, earthquakes and floods cause billions of dollars of damage to property, every year.Yet these natural causes are not the biggest reason for destruction of property, but termites are. While termite infestation is a problem across most of America, California is among those states that suffers the most.

Is yourhome in danger? Yes it is;if you find signs of granular termite Frass / droppings of varying colorsaround wooden structures and wooden furniture. If you find dark tunnels of mud around the wood in your home, then yes again. You have one home and it is the center of your life, financially, emotionally and in many other ways. You cannot afford to let these bugs destroy it.

Getting Rid Of Termites – The Old Way

The traditional way of exterminating termites is by fumigation. This involves tenting the structure, sealing it up and pumping in lethal gas to kill the termites. This obviously means that the house will have to remain empty for a couple of days, all the food, drink and other consumables removed and, in some cases, the utilities disconnected. This is an effective method, but the hazardous gases used pose a safety issue, as consequent to the fumigation, the house must be aired well before it is occupied again.The disruption to the daily routine is also a major factor – the family has to check into a hotel, a home found for pets and a different dailycommute to work and schools, which are just few of the hassles.  The best and safest way to ensure that the fumigation is effective is to have the job done by a licensed and experienced termite control company.

The New Way

An alternative and new option is to opt for theanti-fumigation termite control process. This is done by using special chemicals of low toxicity that will kill the termites,as effectively as the traditional method, but with quicker results, employing just a day for the process. The chemicals are infused into the termite infested areas in the home, and no gas is used, which means that no tenting is required. The use ofchemicals which are neither poisonous nor do they leave a stain, means that you will, normally, be able to go home by the evening and return to your normal routine with the minimum disruption. At times, carefullyfocusedmicrowave energy is used. This is directed to the infested areas and since termites are 90% water, it boils and kills them. Non-fumigation extermination service, is a new and very specialized technique and not all exterminators can offer this service. If this is the option you want to consider, use a company that is qualified to offer this special service.

What It Means For You….

Non-fumigation extermination offers an effective way to get rid of termites that will cause you the minimum of hassles and protect your home, and your personal propertyinside it, from any damage, during the process. It works with the same intensity as that of the traditional fumigation process and offers the same long term protection from re-infestation.

Which Option Is Right For You? 

In somecases, traditional fumigation may be the betteroption and in others non-fumigation. In cases where there is heavy infestation, a combination of both, offers the best results. Contact a termite control company that offers both services. They will give you an objective assessment as to which is best for your home. The best companies offer a 3 year warranty for their services so you can relax in the knowledge that you are protected for the foreseeable future.

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