Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Preventing Termite Attacks

Ways to Keep Your Home Termite-Free

A termite infestation is one of the most destructive things that can happen to your home. Since a termite attack takes place silently and without warning, you may not be able to seek treatment until it’s too late. The best route to take, other than to seek the help of a termite control expert, is to make sure your home and its perimeters are not conducive to a termite invasion.

Keep Moisture Away from the Foundations

Most types of termites, such as damp wood and subterranean termites, prefer damp environments. Decaying wood that comes in contact with any physical structure can allow these termites into your home. This is especially the case if the foundation consistently accumulates moisture, coming from downspouts, sprinklers, and poor drainage systems. As much as possible, keep water or moisture away from the foundation of your home to discourage termites on your property.

Eliminate Earth-to-Wood Contact Outside Your Home

As already mentioned above, it is important not to allow wooden structures of the home to touch the soil. This direct contact encourages termites to travel from the soil into the house, where they will scour for food, such as wood or paper. You will need to make sure that wooden parts of your home are situated at least six inches above the ground, as much as possible.

Check Termite-Prone Indoor and Outdoor Areas Regularly

As a precaution against possible infestations, you need to check all termite-prone areas both outside and inside your home from time to time. If you see mud tunnels on the outside walls of your home or indicators of termite droppings on the windowsill, don’t hesitate to call a termite control company immediately. Early termite detection and appropriate treatments can help prevent extensive damage, saving you from expensive and complicated repairs.

Get the Services of a Termite Control Professional

Termites often cause extensive damage on wood and, if left untreated on time, may contribute to the total collapse of the foundations, walls, or roofing of your home. This is why it pays to work with a termite control specialist when it comes to eradicating termites altogether. While these prevention steps can help deter an impending attack, any active infestation will have to be dealt with professionally and promptly.

Some properties are more prone to termite attacks than others, especially if the home is situated on infested ground. By keeping these prevention tips in mind and subjecting the property to a termite treatment procedure, there’s no reason for you to worry about termites and the destruction they bring.

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