Thursday, 13 September 2012

Termites Awareness is the Key

An anti termite treatment during a termite extermination is a wonderful sight. The kind of methods that have come in vogue make extermination a completely tolerable job. Gone are the days when a person had to literally move out when an extermination was being done. The sprays and the fumes made breathing virtually impossible for everyone involved. So much so that even neighbors would come out complaining. Now even in those times it wasn’t possible to get a mass extermination done where probably the whole community would go camping or something and the exterminators would be let loose in the homes!

It used to be difficult enough managing the family when such a yearly (or even biannual for some) rite was performed. What with keeping the kids out of trouble and everyone vying to get a peek into what secret ceremony was being performed by the men in masks! Safety regulations had severe lapses as much wasn’t known about the exact effect of the chemicals. Maybe the termites knew more. Termites have withstood all such treatments for ages. They are proud survivors who might be down for some time but never out. When a certain territory of termites, say a house would be experimented with and they would slowly feeling faint; it’s a distinct possibility that they would be happy collapsing for some time thinking their brethren next door would be planning a double whammy as soon as the process (or rites!) were done with.

It is difficult to judge whether man has borne the brunt of what termites do or if it is vice versa. Quite possibly termites have authors discussing the same issue as we speak. It is difficult to contemplate what would happen if termites were to unite and attack humanity (as if they aren’t already!).

The kind of time and money that has gone into research over termites is substantial. Movies and literature have depicted them as a force that is at par with UFOs. The way they live in peace and harmony with humans (undetected) makes one feel sorry while hiring the best companies with the highest success rate of termite extermination using their own brand of anti termite treatment.

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